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"Have you heard of..." Becky began to ask Stephanie before pausing to scan the break room for any potential co-workers listening in to their conversation. Spotting a man making tea close by, she moved closer to Stephanie on the sofa and brought her voice down to a whisper. "...Dogging?" Stephanie innocently shook her head though from the way Becky is behaving she suspects its going to be something naughty. Becky, upon seeing Stephanie's ignorance, seemed to be beside herself with her joy prompting strange looks from the tea man. "Well," Stephanie asked with an innocent and naive tone. "What is it?" Becky doesn't respond just yet. Instead she held up her index finger and glanced over to the man nearby. Stephanie took that to mean to keep it quiet for now. Becky was the older of the two, Stephanie guessed mid 40s but didn't dare ask though with her long raven black hair tied in a ponytail, toned body, buxom breasts (all natural she was quick to assure anyone who gazed upon them) and long legs. She was bound to turn many heads regardless of gender and sexuality. Stephanie felt at many times to be her polar opposite. Not only was she younger, being only 25, she was also shorter, chubbier with frizzy ginger hair and whilst she was no stranger of being chatted up by 'Jack the Lad' types they were never her type. It didn't take much longer for the man to leave, clutching his cup of tea. Once the door shut behind him, it left Becky and Stephanie alone in the room together. "Dogging is where you meet up with people, usually at a park, for some casual fucking." Stephanie couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Aren't you worried someone might see you, you know, naked?" She anxiously asked best big tits porn tubes Becky just chuckled, "That's kind of the point!" Her legs uncrossed and her hands journeyed up from her lap to her impressive cleavage, knowing Stephanie was watching every motion. "To have all those eyes on me as I suck some random guys cock. Some even ask if they could join in." Stephanie was left speechless but also a little intrigued, Becky could tell. "I'm going again this Friday night, you are more than welcome to join me." "I don't know," Stephanie said, "I don't think I could do that. Not in front of people." She paused to sigh. "You know its been a while since..." Becky rolled her eyes, "You wouldn't have to join in if you don't want to. Some come just to watch." Stephanie checked her watch, break time was almost over. "I'll think about it, okay," she said hurriedly leaving the sofa. "I bet you will," Becky said cheekily with a wink. The rest of the afternoon proceeded as every other afternoon tends to do in this office, though whilst staring at the excruciatingly long spreadsheet, Stephanie found herself fantasising about being surrounded by hard cocks as all eyes were firmly on her naked body. It was not something she had thought about doing before Becky mentioning it earlier on but now it was all she wanted. It didn't stop after work either. If anything the thoughts only became more prominent in Stephanie's mind until the only solution was to send her hand down past the forest that was her bush and right to her pussy to give it a good rub and fingering. It had been a while so every time her finger slipped inside, a loud moan was sure to follow. With her free hand she reached for her phone and texted Becky one word. 'When?' Becky was quick to respond giving Stephanie all she needed to know. The location, a local park, was familiar to Stephanie having spent many a summer there, taking in the luscious scenery. She almost couldn't believe something so naughty could happen there once the sun goes down. Another message came from Becky, this time a video from a previous party featuring her taking a cock in two different ends, mouth and pussy whilst an audience cheered them on. It finished with both guys cumming on her face as she sported the biggest smile that Stephanie had ever seen as thick clumps of cum ran down her face. The video was captioned 'Incentive '. Watching it, it didn't take long for Stephanie to squirt all over her knickers, leaking onto her bed sheets. As she laid back, the fruit of her masturbation still dripping into her knickers, Stephanie smiled. Friday couldn't come quick enough, she thought. The road to Friday however seemed long and never-ending. Becky didn't help things either by being suggestive during their breaks together. Stephanie didn't know how much more she could wait as thoughts of cock and being fucked distracted her whilst she needed to get on with work. Somehow, much to her own surprise, she made it to Friday without resorting to masturbating at work. Stephanie was able to leave the office that Friday excited for the evening to come. Not knowing what one wore to a dogging party, Stephanie settled on a black dress usually reserved when the office had a fancy dinner party. Leaving the house Stephanie couldn't help but feel she was forgetting something. Something important she had to do before going out. Stephanie brushed it off as nothing and got in her car to pick up Becky. Becky was already waiting outside her house, dressed in what technically could be called clothes. It did the job of covering her private areas but just barely though. Her crop top just went over her nipples but still showed off plenty of under boob whilst her skirt was more like a glorified belt. Stephanie was beginning to feel very overdressed. Becky chuckled as she slinked towards the car in her thigh high heeled boots. "We aren't going to some fancy soirée," She joked stepping into the car, knowingly showing Stephanie her lack of underwear. "We're going to get fucked  hot cams The drive to the meeting spot shouldn't have been a long one. After all it was just on the other side of town but as it dawned on Stephanie where she was driving to, all manner of questions filled her head. What if someone spotted her? Someone she knew? What if she was arrested? Anxiety built up inside her. She wanted to turn the car around and head home to watch porn to relieve the frustratiom. Eventually a voice of reason popped in her head. Becky said she doesn't have to join in if she didn't want to. So that's what Stephanie planned to do. Pulling into the parking spot, Stephanie saw a wide variety of people in various stages of undress hanging around and just chatting like they were down the pub. Were all these people here for the dogging party too? Stephanie wondered. If they were they were much more casual about it then she thought they would be. Becky got out the car to a chorus of cheers and approached by many guys who already had their hands all over her. Caressing her breasts, rubbing her pussy, all within seconds of getting out the car and Becky was loving every second of it. "Are you coming then?" She asked Stephanie giggling excitedly. Her crop top had already been lifted to expose her breasts and her arms were wrapped around a couple of guys that looked to be in their twenties. "Be right with you," Stephanie replied but it was too late, Becky was already leading an army of guys and girls into the wooded area at the edge of the park. "You're Queen D's friend then?" The voice, low and gruff, came from behind Stephanie. Turning around, Stephanie spotted the owner of the voice, a tall, well groomed and well dressed man. "Queen D?" Stephanie asked inquisitively. "She is the Queen of dick. We don't use our real names here so we come up with nicknames instead." "I see," Stephanie was fascinated by the idea of a new sexy identity, "What do I call you then?" "PW, at your service!" He proclaimed courteously with a bow. "What does PW stand for?" Rising up from his bow, PW nervously chuckled and scratched his head, "Pussy Whisperer." Stephanie giggled uncontrollably, "Seriously?" "I know, I know. I'm not too proud of it either." Both Stephanie and PW shared a laugh that was only interrupted by Becky's loud moans coming from the woods. "Have you done this sort of thing before?" PW asked considerately. Stephanie, whilst never taking her eyes off PW's handsome face, bit her lip and shook her head. "I see. Well if you don't want to do anything you are under no obligation to do so." "What if..." Stephanie paused and took a deep breath. She couldn't believe she was going to ask a stranger this. "What if I want to do something...with someone...but not too crazy about the rest watching or joining in just yet?" "I know just the place." PW took Stephanie's hand and led her to a place in the wooded area much further along from where everyone else was having their fun. They could hear the rowdy cheers, the primal grunts and orgasmic moans getting louder the closer they approached the woods. Stephanie wondered about all the people that got fucked in this park without her knowing about it, how many times she had jogged through and not noticed something sensuous going on. "Here we are!" declared PW, pointing towards a scenic area that seemed deserted. "Wow!" cried Stephanie, "I never knew this existed." "Few do. That's why its perfect for those seeking a little privacy." PW explained. "Would you like me to leave you alone?" "You can stay." Stephanie took a big gulp. "You know. If you like?" "I can do that." PW said getting closer, his smile positively radiant . "Anything else?" "Perhaps you can show me why they call you the Pussy Whisperer." Stephanie pulled down one of her dress's shoulder straps. Her forwardness surprised PW but not as much as it surprised herself. "Are you sure?" PW said getting closer still, slowly unbuttoning his shirt with every step. Stephanie answered by pulling another strap down. The dress looked like it was ready to fall down, all it needed was one good pull and PW was happy to oblige. Grabbing the dress, he yanked it down her body so fast he ended up on his knees. Stephanie's blush turned her cheeks a rosy pink, it had been a while since she got undressed in front of anyone but now here she was standing outdoors in her underwear in front of a stranger. PW rose back up to his feet, his eyes never leaving Stephanie's soft chubby body. His rough hands moved up Stephanie's soft skin, all the way to her back and with no fuss was able to undo her bra, releasing her breasts from their cotton prison. Stephanie was able to feel the cool summer's night breeze blow past her nipples, she bit her lip in order to stifle the moans she was making, not wanting a random night jogger to hear them and come investigating. PW didn't help when he leant down and squeezed Stephanie's breasts. Kissing and biting her nipples. Her moans kept getting louder that she needed to bite her finger but this was all it took to make her pussy damp and her knees weak. She stumbled back onto the nearest tree, holding onto the trunk to help her keep standing as PW's lips continued going south down her body. It was when he got to her navel, it dawned on Stephanie what she forgot to do. Her pussy hadn't been shaven in a long time. Stephanie was nervous what her new friend may think about her untrimmed bush but his lips pressed against her skin felt so good she didn't want him to stop. PW's mouth reached the top of Stephanie's knickers. Grabbing the elastic by his teeth, he begins to slide them down. This is it, Stephanie thought. He's definitely going to turn away in disgust now. She felt her knickers being pulled down her legs, sliding down to her ankles. But PW didn't turn away. His right hand rose up her leg. Starting with her calf, his hand travelled to the back of her knees, up her inner thigh and hovered over her glistening pussy. Stephanie shivered, moaning louder in anticipation. "Do it!" she cried. Upon hearing her demand, PW didn't hesitate. He slipped two fingers inside, making Stephanie gasp loudly. Vigorously, he moved his fingers in and out. Faster and deeper. With his left hand he rubbed her clit in a circular clockwise motion. Stephanie's moans quickly become more frequent and breathless until the moment PW stopped and withdrew his hands. Stephanie could see her juices covering PW's fingers. Stephanie lowered herself gently to the ground and sat on the grass. "Oh your good. Fantastic even" she said, catching her breath. PW looked her in the eyes and licked the cream off his fingers. Even this served to make Stephanie much more hornier. He smiled, "I'm just getting started." He stood up and unbuckled his belt, "First there's something I want you to take care of." Stephanie knew what he meant and crawled on her hands and knees towards him. Raising herself to his waist level, she unbuttoned his trousers and like what he did for her, pulled them down to his ankles. Stephanie noticed from the bulge in PW's boxers and even at semi erect, it looked bigger than any previous guy she had been with. She hooked her thumbs in the boxer's elastic and gradually pulled them down, savouring the reveal. The boxers eventually came off and now Stephanie was face to face with PW's throbbing cock. Instinctively, she grabbed his cock and stroked it gently. She could feel his cock stiffen, growing even more erect, with every pass her hand made until it was standing fully at attention. Her mouth watered. Maintaining a grip with her hand around the base, her tongue licked up his shaft to the tip. Her mouth opened wide and placed it over his cock, letting it move back down his shaft until she was not able to take anymore. She didn't even make it half way down. Knowing where her limit was, her lips slid back and forth from this point. Stephanie had only sucked a few cocks in her life but what she lacked in experience, she made up for in energy and enthusiasm. PW's hands ran through her hair whist she bobbed her head passionately up and down his penis, only taking a handful of breaks to catch her breath before returning to the sucking. "I'm going to cum!" PW warned loudly. Stephanie however didn't stop, she took this to mean to go faster, she was going to use whatever energy she had left, like she was sprinting the last 100 metres in a 400 metre race. "Oh fuck!" Cum shot out of his cock into Stephanie's mouth, filling it up and then some. Satisfied, Stephanie removed her lips from PW's cock and swallowed his cum. Every drop. Smiling the whole time. PW's cock hadn't finished though, a rope of cum leaked out and fell on to Stephanie's face. She could feel it run down from her forehead and down her nose. PW, out of breath, knelt beside Stephanie, "Fuck, you are good!" His compliment made Stephanie blush. "I'm not finished though. I want to taste more of this." His fingers slipped back inside Stephanie's pussy making her lie back on the grass and writhe in pleasure. "Do it!" she moaned, spreading her legs. "My pussy wants it!" PW positioned his head down near her soaking wet pussy. He starts off simple with a kiss followed by moving his tongue between her vulva. Stephanie was loving every bit of this. PW continued, pushing his tongue deep inside her and moving it around a clockwise motion. Stephanie moans were increasing again as the pleasure got more intense. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this fantastic and her previous worries about being discovered melted away with every movement of PW's tongue. It wasn't long before she felt something building up inside her, inside her vagina, something that needed to be released. When she realised what was happening it was already too late, she had squirted all over PW's face. "I'm so sorry!" Stephanie said raising herself up on her elbows. "Don't be," PW replied happily, his face now covered with her juices. "It just means I did a good job." Stephanie lied back and laughed. "I can see why they call you the Pussy Whisperer." PW lied next to her, his fingers dancing around her breasts and belly as they gazed into each others eyes in a post orgasm embrace. This moment of peace was not to last though as an alarm sounded from PW's phone. "Shit!" He exclaimed. "Sorry I got to go now." "Everything okay?" "It should be. Will you be returning for the next party?" "Perhaps," Stephanie said cheekily. PW rubbed her pussy on last time, "If you do, it won't just be me fingers and tongue entering here." "I would like that," Stephanie moaned. "I'll take you back to your friend best family porn After getting dressed again, they headed back to the car park. Becky was already there saying goodbye to her admirers, wearing nothing but her boots, a smile and a thick, creamy mask of cum. She looked ecstatic when she saw Stephanie with another guy. "See you around," PW told Stephanie before getting into his car and driving off into the night. "You met PW then?" Becky smirked as she ran her finger through some of the cum still dripping down Stephanie's face and sucked it off. "Did you two have fun?" "Yeah." Stephanie said smiling confidently. "Yeah we did." "Good." Becky looked genuinely glad that her friend had fun. "Now let's get home." "Where's your clothes?" Stephanie asked anxiously. "I rather not get pulled over because you don't have your kit on." Becky pondered the whereabouts for all of a second before shrugging her shoulders. "They're...somewhere. I kind of lost track. Besides no one is going to pull us over, trust me." She giggled entering Stephanie's car. Stephanie sighed and got in the driver's side and took Becky home. "Thank you Becky for inviting me out tonight," Stephanie said as they pulled up outside Becky's house. "Aww, you're welcome! We should do more stuff together like this more often." They said their goodbyes and Becky got out the car. Stephanie wished she had the confidence of Becky, just strutting naked to her front door with a face covered with several guys cum. Becky soon stopped in her tracks however and turned back towards Stephanie's car. "So," Becky asked bending over the open car door, "You are coming to our next party, right?" "Absolutely," replied Stephanie without hesitation, "That sounds like fun."

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