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Tribute hotel california

velchuvelchu Gonzalo de Berceo s.XIII
editado noviembre 2015 en Poesía Fantástica
Stranded on the highway
I had to walk
feeling the nudge
Anxious reaper
for introducing
the hotel california.

A demonic pact
legalized and culture
and religion ...
my soul felt
comfortable and all evil
It was an energizing
to dominate the souls
poor preachers.

I was waking
with Captain
who momentum
my new life
one that does not start
but neither ends
in a final.

Since this beast
You can not kill,
because you can not
finish win
which no longer rests
in peace.

To come back,
if I can destroy
your love,
get on my side,
do wrong
to change your
suffered loneliness.
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